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"Essentially, all current concepts of the relation between learning and development in children can be reduced to three major theoretical positions."

Lev Vygotsky

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Unit 1: Intro to Life-Span Development; Attachment; Culture and Development


Early Development Quiz

Developmental Issues

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Adult Attachment Article (Waters)


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Review of Key Terms

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Unit 2: Prenatal Development/Birth, Health/Physical Development; Culture

Chapter 4:

Powerpoint Chapter 4

Teratogen Video

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Chapter 5:

Powerpoint Chapter 5

"The Power of Half" Video

"Body Sense" Video

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The Teen Brain

Aging Video


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Chapter 6:


Tiny Eyes

That's My BabyVideo

Cochlear Implant Video

Cochlear Implant Video Questions

Teen Hearing Loss Video


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Chapter 7:


Video (Why Kids Don't Get It)

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Cognitive Development Video

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